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Author Brenda Guzman offers a different, more positive method of self-healing in her easy to read books The “EGO series.” Brenda gives full on, first hand accounts of her years spent searching for answers on religion and a cure for her diagnosis of cancer.  She has discovered it all in the powerful techniques of gratitude, meditation, self visualization and the power of the seven chakras.

Each book details how the members of the EGO family are the cause of all negativity created in the body, outside of the body and around the body.  Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or social.  She covers it all.

67 thoughts on “Author’s Page

Aui V.Posted on  12:01 pm - Mar 3, 2017

Hi Brenda!You sound interesting. Thank you for dropping by at my article 🙂

azuremornPosted on  11:37 am - Jan 5, 2017

Enjoyed reading your blog today. Thank you very much.

healingpilgrimPosted on  7:06 am - Dec 30, 2016

Dear Brenda, Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, and for the follow. I’m so inspired by your blog, the video clips, affirmations and overall, the journey that you’ve been sharing with your readers… Wishing you much health and many blessings of joy and peace for the new year.

sunshinehawaiiPosted on  3:39 am - Sep 1, 2016

Holy cow your blog is so good and successful. Do you have any tips on how I could improve my own blog?

    BrendaPosted on  4:36 am - Sep 1, 2016

    Are you serious? I feel like I should be asking “you” that question. You are totally living my dream life and I enjoy reading about your experiences and you sharing your photos as well. Besides my love of travel, my blog is about getting and staying in the happy & healthy “zone” by sharing inspirational stories & videos. I do get a little animated at times by adding bright colors, tweeking some public domain pictures and blog in large print, but I think your inspirational travel blog is perfect. If you still feel you need tips (I don’t think you do), I would maybe try a scrapbook theme? I’ve never seen a blog like that, but if I was blessed to have the adventures you do, I would experiment with that feel. Eventually I will post some of my Hawaii & other trips we’ve done, I just gotta figure out how to incorporate into my theme.Thank you for the comp…keep up the inspirational dream and stay healthy & safe out there. 🙂

PatricePosted on  7:39 pm - Aug 29, 2016

I so agree with your outlook. And a HUGE THANK YOU!!! for your ‘Follow’ 😀

Richard Mabey Jr.Posted on  2:53 am - Feb 2, 2016

Dear Ms. Guzman, I like your “Author’s Page” very much. It is simple, while being very informative. I like the pink background. It brings the print to life. Very nice photo. Sincerely, Richard

    Blynng15Posted on  3:19 am - Feb 2, 2016

    I do mean to make my content easy to read and simple was exactly the way I wanted this blog to be. I am sure their are plenty of people like me out there who lose interest and get distracted easily while reading, even if it’s interesting. Thank you so much for noticing that. ♡

    Blynng15Posted on  3:21 am - Feb 2, 2016

    Please call me Brenda.

Janice WaldPosted on  5:08 am - Jan 29, 2016

Hi Brenda,
I am a huge fan of Seb Dani. I also know Anabelle Franklin. Thank you for your visit to my site today. I am glad you liked my Blogger’s Pit Stop linky party.

Stephanae V. McCoyPosted on  12:22 pm - Jan 19, 2016

Hi Brenda, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I wanted to stop by to thank you for liking one of my posts and to check out your blog. I look forward to reading your posts. ~Steph

ntexas99Posted on  12:01 pm - Dec 30, 2015

Hi there, and thanks for following my blog. It’s always a curiosity to me how one person finds another in the blog world, but any time I am exposed to someone who is searching out the positive and projects a message about compassion and kindness … well, I can only be grateful that our paths have crossed. Look forward to exploring your blog more, and perusing your comments section for even more fresh voices.

Today’s affirmation?

“letting go allows room for abundance”

Emy WillPosted on  7:35 am - Dec 27, 2015

Hi. Thanks for the follow, which means you are a person with compassion. Compassion means thinking beyond one’s own ego <3

dilipnaiduPosted on  7:11 pm - Dec 25, 2015

I do believe in living life free of ego and in practicing all that which helps in reducing our ego. Thank you and wish you happy holidays.
Regards and cheers 🙂

Fimnora WestcawPosted on  8:59 pm - Dec 24, 2015

Season’s Greetings, Brenda. I wanted to stop by and thank you for the follow. Your posts are very interesting.

Seb DaniPosted on  12:09 pm - Dec 24, 2015

Thank you for sharing my post, Brenda.
You are very special!

I wish you a Wonderful Christmas!
And all the best for 2016!


calensarielPosted on  8:12 am - Dec 24, 2015

Thanks so much for the follow! I look forward to getting to know you.

icelandpennyPosted on  2:37 pm - Dec 23, 2015

Thank you for the follow, Brenda. I totally agree with you on the importance of gratitude, and its powerful role in our own mental/emotional/spiritual well-being. I think of my blog as an on-going celebration, an act of gratitude shared with others, and perhaps that is why you have chosen to follow me. May you have a healthy (all senses of the word) 2016.

MiriamPosted on  3:39 am - Dec 4, 2015

Hi Brenda, so happy to have found your blog, very inspiring and full of powerful messages and positivity. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

Parveen SabharwalPosted on  3:33 am - Dec 3, 2015

Wonderful crisp one liners and thanks for liking my posts.

annabellefranklinauthorPosted on  11:21 am - Nov 30, 2015

Thank you so much for following me and the storyhounds. I am familiar with the havoc caused by the Ego family – I’ve tried negotiating with them and they pretend to co-operate then carry on with their antics as soon as my back is turned! Well done for addressing an issue that’s responsible for most of the ills of this world.

wordstoryadayPosted on  8:40 pm - Nov 25, 2015

Hello…! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 Hope you liked my stories. I look forward to you upcoming books!! Thanks again. <3

Giovannoni ClaudinePosted on  1:02 pm - Nov 25, 2015

Thank you for following my blog…
what you say, that’s really good Brenda… many people need to get the right tools to start meditating and achieve a better inner life. Right now the world is driving again toward war and destruction, people are afraid and need to consider a new paradigm. Only with focusing on meditation and compassion we can help each other the save what still may be saved.
Serenity :-)c

Swetha MPosted on  8:37 am - Nov 22, 2015

Hey Brenda! Thanks for the follow 🙂 Very glad you did coz now I found your blog! Your have some amazing posts. It’s very inspiring and educative/ enlightening. Looking forward to many many more posts 🙂

dougstuberPosted on  9:29 am - Nov 19, 2015

I teach creative writing at Unity Center of Peace in Chapel hill. nice to see you here.

In My Cluttered AtticPosted on  3:36 pm - Nov 12, 2015

Brenda, you are quite the author. And I’m very happy to see that you are a cancer survivor too! No doubt, due in no small measure to the amount of discoveries you’ve made during your research. I also wanted to thank you for taking time to come by and follow my blog. I hope it produces at least a few smiles for you, but I’ll keep aiming for belly laughs. Promise. :O)

Stephanae V. McCoyPosted on  8:51 am - Nov 12, 2015

Hi Brenda, thank you for stopping by and following my blog, I appreciate it! I’ll be following yours as well. 😀

HeatherPosted on  6:50 am - Nov 12, 2015

Hello and thank you for the follow. It’s a pleasure to “meet” you. I’ll have to take a wander through your site. It seems very interesting 🙂

annascuisinePosted on  8:38 pm - Nov 11, 2015

Hello Brenda! It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for giving my humble blog a follow. It’s much appreciated. I look forward to exploring your blog and awaits for your future posts.

cmblackwoodPosted on  5:32 pm - Nov 11, 2015

Hi, Brenda! Thanks for the follow! Just stopped by to see what kind of awesome person I was about to meet; and I wasn’t disappointed! I’m all about living happier and healthier — can’t wait to read more of your posts! 🙂

Seb DaniPosted on  4:20 pm - Nov 11, 2015

I love your blog! Great work!
I be following you closely.
Thank you 🙄

Blynng15Posted on  5:40 am - Nov 3, 2015

…..information out there for all future generations to have that knowledge and respect for these eras. We should never forget. I appreciate this.

GP CoxPosted on  5:21 am - Nov 3, 2015

Pleasure to meet you.

    Blynng15Posted on  5:37 am - Nov 3, 2015

    Nice to meet you too. Your blog is a classic read. My dad was from that Era and was in ww2. My 2 brothers were in the vietnam war. I love to see people keeping this

spearfruitPosted on  12:54 pm - Oct 25, 2015

Hello, thanks for the follow! I will certainly spend some time here. 🙂

willowdot21Posted on  9:05 am - Oct 21, 2015

Hello nice to meet you , thanks for the follow I look forward to reading your blog! 🙂

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