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Heal Fast – Powerful Subliminal Training (in HD)

I promised a super quick meditation booster. Here it is. This is a quick healing, brain reboot. This movie is full of binaural beats, subliminal and affirmations all in one. ***HEADPHONES REQUIRED!*** Use this movie to manifest a calming state that promotes healing of the body, mind and spirit. Close the door and watch the movie in the office for only 6.33 minutes. The words come and go, but the subliminal affirmations will be soaked in by your subconscious. “PEACE”

The Binaural Beats used in HEALING THE MIND AND BODY produce beats at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance, a natural radio signal resonating throughout the earth.

Some scientists believe that exposure to a 7.83 Hz pulse can counter the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution (from cell phones, TVs, radio signals, satellite signals, etc.) and provide a natural healing state for the body and mind.

*every cell in your body is healing now
*you are now relaxed and filled with peace of mind
*you are creating healing energy in your life now
*your body is healthier and stronger everyday in every way
*your mind is getting stronger everyday in every way
*Every atom of your being is resonating with source energy
*you are whole and healing with every breath
*you manifest perfect health and strength
*you have vibrant health though out your mind, body and soul
*you accept perfect health now
*you passionately love your whole, healthy self
*you heal yourself physically and emotionally
*you get stronger each passing day
*your body is healthy and vibrant
*you are receiving positive energy and complete health
*your body now eliminates all toxins quickly
*All the cells in your body are vibrating with positive energy and strength
*There is only room in your body for wellness
*you radiate good health
*Every cell in your body vibrates with energy and health
*You feel mentally healthy and well
*you feel a light of healing energy glowing inside you
* …and many more

(may you have a better day tomorrow 🙂 )


“Amazing Chakra Balancing, Healing & Activation Meditation” | With Affirmations


“Expand Your Consciousness Awareness”

This one has it all. Beats, tones, subliminal, meditation.  Statements and affirmations in this audio are:

Infinity is not in a box nor was it meant to be put in a box.

Most people are stuck in the dream cube, a personal prison within the matrix prison based upon fear. (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real,) sucking the life force out of every soul.  What if the walls came down and you found yourself outside the cube and you became the dreamer again and moved onto different dream experiences filled with infinite realities and possibilities. This audio program  will bring down the walls of the 3 dimensional cube and your thinking so it is no longer limited.

Subliminal Messages:

I am Freedom.

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom in Growth.

Freedom to Be.

Freedom to Create.

Freedom to Do.

Freedom to Think.

Freedom to Choose.

I Choose to Always Remain Awake.

Love Rules My Powers.

I Expand My Field of Vision.

I Have an Open Mind.

I Can Think for Myself.

I Am Infinite.

It’s OK to Be Different.

I Am That I Am.

I Am a Being of Immense Power.

I Access Higher Spiritual Realms.

In Harmony.

In Happiness.

I Embody My Full Divine Presence.

I Maintain a Harmonious Inner Balance.

I Open My Mind to What is Known or Unknown.

I Allow the Richness of My Inner World to Sprout and Re Awaken in Alignment.

Dr. Virtual


Beats and tones sound great together on this 1 hour “TAI CHI MUSIC”



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