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Insights of Ascension – Spirit Science

This is from the book “The Celestine Prophecy.” If you are  beginning your path or wanting new information, this is the book to read.

Do you know this is happening? How heartless can NYBC be? #NYBCdotherightthing

Please share. I wish I could help somehow.


The Dalai Lama-Brainwashing

“More Hard Hitting Words From The Dalai Lama About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society” What timing, huh?



☆This one is a trip –>>”Space Meditation – Calm Ambient Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Reiki and Spa”


From sad to happy in 20 seconds. “Crying Cow – now saved!”


A 10 minute video on “Cosmic Connections.” I ♡ science.


The fires in indonesia may also cause the extinction of an awesome animal. So sad.




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