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Speaking & Thinking Your Life Into Existence!-Shared from http://youarecreators.org/

Where have I been you ask? It’s been a little while since I browsed my favorite blogs andshared or wrote anything on my site. After a week of trying to get my site the way I finally wanted, I took a much-needed break, I meditated, I wrote it down and I finished those two books I was working on. One is all the different ways to meditate and one is on man’s best friend. Very soon the time will come when I will put it on my site, but at this time…I am back to blogging, back to browsing, back to commenting and back to sharing. I thought this video would be appropriate with what I am working on next. I put the cart way in front of the horse and can’t wait till I’m done with this next one.




Can you please help a fellow blogger out?


Thank you all so much for re-following me to my new site and thanks for the patience of inheriting a few broken links because of my move. I’m a total newbie on this as well.  As much as I love the bells and whistles this new self hosting site has, I am still having an issue on the comment(s) transfer from the WordPress site to this new site. The issue I have is NONE. None I tell you! I don’t have any comments on this site. NADA! That’s how frustrated I got, but I have an idea. Read on….

When I first transferred my WordPress site to this self hosting blog, I kept the old site open..just in case I made a mistake.  The problem I first had, was when I first posted on my new site.  The post came out on my WordPress site and on my new hosting site, but I only saw all the “new” subscribers, comments and likes coming in on my old site, but not on my new one. After researching, calling and chatting, I figured out I hadn’t pointed something, something to my new site.  Long story short, I pointed, I deleted, I lost all my subscribers, likes and any new comments I had forever. 

So, my plan is….can you please help a fellow blogger out?? A comment of a “hi” or any type of banter would be very much appreciated.  I will even send you my book I wasn’t originally intending to give away as a “thank you.”  IF YOU “LIKE” THIS BLOG, THAN THAT MEANS YOU MADE A COMMENT. I think that’s the only way I can find out.

On my next post, I will update if this was successful or not.  If not, I will have to put on my techie hat and try again. This self-hosting is a challenge.


Thank you.


By the way…that picture was not me on the featured image. ♥

I will be upgrading my site this weekend

I will be upgrading my site, so please excuse all the mess that may or may not show up. I will be back.?

I like your facebook page..☆♡☆

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Are you ready to join me on my journey to wellness?

Hello EGO smashers…This is my very first blog.  I am happy to say all is well in my life and everyone around me. I live life “as if” it was my last day. I act “as if” my life long dreams have already manifested in my life.

Be grateful for everything in your life that makes you happy. Your family, your health, your home, your transportation. Whatever it is. There is something in everyones life that makes them feel wonderful, regardless of their situation. Whether it was for a second or for a lifetime. If you only focus on that brief or lengthy thought of happiness as long as you can and be grateful for that, I guarantee your life will get better and better in every way.  Be consistent, have patience, faith and most of all, gratitude.

I have plenty of blogging articles about the ego and everything it has to do with wellness and fulfilling your dreams.

I have a very large collection of free videos, audios and ebooks to choose from, that proves this fact. See what I’m so excited in sharing this. It makes sense.  STAY TUNED!  

If you want to know how to receive them, send me your email information. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

It is so.

Welcome & Mahalo


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