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Can you please help a fellow blogger out?


Thank you all so much for re-following me to my new site and thanks for the patience of inheriting a few broken links because of my move. I’m a total newbie on this as well.  As much as I love the bells and whistles this new self hosting site has, I am still having an issue on the comment(s) transfer from the WordPress site to this new site. The issue I have is NONE. None I tell you! I don’t have any comments on this site. NADA! That’s how frustrated I got, but I have an idea. Read on….

When I first transferred my WordPress site to this self hosting blog, I kept the old site open..just in case I made a mistake.  The problem I first had, was when I first posted on my new site.  The post came out on my WordPress site and on my new hosting site, but I only saw all the “new” subscribers, comments and likes coming in on my old site, but not on my new one. After researching, calling and chatting, I figured out I hadn’t pointed something, something to my new site.  Long story short, I pointed, I deleted, I lost all my subscribers, likes and any new comments I had forever. 

So, my plan is….can you please help a fellow blogger out?? A comment of a “hi” or any type of banter would be very much appreciated.  I will even send you my book I wasn’t originally intending to give away as a “thank you.”  IF YOU “LIKE” THIS BLOG, THAN THAT MEANS YOU MADE A COMMENT. I think that’s the only way I can find out.

On my next post, I will update if this was successful or not.  If not, I will have to put on my techie hat and try again. This self-hosting is a challenge.


Thank you.


By the way…that picture was not me on the featured image. ♥

Pay It Forward!!



By tonight, I predict the Powerball will reach 2 billion dollars. That’s 2 BILLION Dollars!!

Good Luck and remember..PAY IT FORWARD!! There are plenty of children, animals, global warming, 3rd world countries, wounded warriors and other worthy organizations you can donate to. Heck, with 2 BILLION dollars you can donate to them all. Find a cause and PAY IT FORWARD. GOOD LUCK!! ☆bg☆

God’s Affirmations


2016. Be safe and remember to silence the ego.






Don’t make a resolution. Make a mission statement.

It’s who you intend to be, not who you want to be. Be safe.



#Align: Mission Statement #2. More To Follow..


May all your Chakras balance in 2016. Notice the 7 colors? They are not in order, but they are represented.



2016 Mission Statement (this is officially my 111th post)

It’s that time again. A new year, a new mission statement. With every new year, I feel like a change. Change the wall colors in my home, rearrange the furniture, remove the clutter and change my mission statement. Before 2016 arrives, my “honey & I” do list and my new and improved mission statement will be complete. I saw this meme on my Facebook fan page wall a few days ago. I felt this meme had a lot of affirmations I could use in my 2016 mission statement. Keep you mission statement true to you, “short” and memorable. Remember, your mission statement is who you are and your purpose in life. Another way to create your personal mission statement is to “visualize” what you would want your eulogy to contain. Try it.  This can be your own “life training manual” for 2016.



Drink responsibly this season



For my fellow cancer survivors. We know this.♡



You gotta ♡ this one.–>>



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