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“Amazing Chakra Balancing, Healing & Activation Meditation” | With Affirmations


For Beginners. Why Should I Consider Meditation Exercises?


Is the daily stress or the daily problems you have at work or at home getting to you, affecting your life, health and happiness? Then it is about time to consider some meditation exercises. Here are the basic things you need to know!

Why Should I Consider Meditation Exercises?

You are probably asking yourself whether meditation exercises really work and whether their benefits are really substantial. The answer is simple: yes. Meditating presents a wide range of advantages, from a better health, a better mood and a better sleep to more energy, vitality and focus, less stress, less frustration and less worries. It sounds appealing, right? So, in case you have been feeling anxious, depressed or weak lately, in case you are having sleep and concentration problems or if you simply want to gain those desirable feelings of well-being, calmness and happiness, you should start considering meditation exercises.

What Do I Need in Order to Start Meditation Exercises?

If you decided that you should give meditating a try, then the first thing you need is determination. It is not like meditation exercises require certain tools or complicated techniques – basically, you just need is willpower and desire, in order to benefit from meditation. And, of course, you need a bit of time to allocate to your meditation sessions – 15, 20 minutes every other day is ideal. But there is one rule, when thinking about starting to meditate. And that rule is… there is no successful meditation without relaxation, a complete relaxation of the body and mind.

How Can I Relax?

We already established that you need to relax in order to meditate. But is this easy?  For a beginner, it might be quite difficult.  Most beginners in relaxation and meditation exercises find themselves thinking about daily problems and worries when trying to meditate, instead of clearing their minds and enjoying the state of calmness. Or others get bored when trying to empty their minds.  For sure, these can not be called “successful meditation sessions”.  Still, even if this happens to you, you should know that you will definitely be better with time and enjoy meditation completely, in case you are determined to make it work.

But let’s start from the beginning. In order to benefit from a complete relaxation, you need to start your meditation techniques at the right time.  Kids running through the house, a loud TV, a noisy neighbor might not be the perfect premises to start to meditate. You need peace, quietness, a good atmosphere, a cozy decor or a welcoming natural ambient.  After you find a peaceful moment, try to let your body relax, to push the tension down and loosen your muscles.  Feel how your entire body feels better – this will help you clear your mind later on.


Are there Different Types of Meditation Exercises?

There is a great range of meditation exercises, no doubt about that. What you should do, as a beginner, is to try them all and find the one that suits you best. But which are these different types of exercises? You can choose from visualization exercises (when you are picturing positive, beautiful elements, places or moments), concentration exercises (when you are trying to focus on your body’s sensations and stimulants) breathing exercises (which are used in all types of meditation) and many more, including specific meditation exercises that gives you a better sleep, better appetite, less stress and other problems that need to be eliminated from your daily life.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t concentrate or focus right away. Sometimes it happens wonderfully, sometimes it doesn’t. As long as you don’t go to sleep, that’s a good start.  It is really worth trying.

Remember that if you want to good results, you need to continue with your meditation exercises and try to improve yourself on a permanent basis – only like this you will achieve that positive, well-being feeling that you are looking for. Good luck!

“Expand Your Consciousness Awareness”

This one has it all. Beats, tones, subliminal, meditation.  Statements and affirmations in this audio are:

Infinity is not in a box nor was it meant to be put in a box.

Most people are stuck in the dream cube, a personal prison within the matrix prison based upon fear. (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real,) sucking the life force out of every soul.  What if the walls came down and you found yourself outside the cube and you became the dreamer again and moved onto different dream experiences filled with infinite realities and possibilities. This audio program  will bring down the walls of the 3 dimensional cube and your thinking so it is no longer limited.

Subliminal Messages:

I am Freedom.

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom in Growth.

Freedom to Be.

Freedom to Create.

Freedom to Do.

Freedom to Think.

Freedom to Choose.

I Choose to Always Remain Awake.

Love Rules My Powers.

I Expand My Field of Vision.

I Have an Open Mind.

I Can Think for Myself.

I Am Infinite.

It’s OK to Be Different.

I Am That I Am.

I Am a Being of Immense Power.

I Access Higher Spiritual Realms.

In Harmony.

In Happiness.

I Embody My Full Divine Presence.

I Maintain a Harmonious Inner Balance.

I Open My Mind to What is Known or Unknown.

I Allow the Richness of My Inner World to Sprout and Re Awaken in Alignment.

Dr. Virtual


Subliminal Programs for 2016

Subliminal music recorded by licensed hypnotists. Our subliminal music are safe to use. Subliminal mp3 to attract wealth and womb music (prenatal music stimulation.)

Source: http://www.hypnotictunes.com/?hop=blynng15

“A Night With The Whales RELAXATION”

This is so cool. You can actually hear the whales. Being with and experiencing true nature is such a blessing in itself.


“ANGEL CONTACT – Light Body Activation + Crystal Chakra Cleansing”

This was the first meditation video I shared on my site on August 11, 2015. This one is powerful. #1 on my list so far.


This is one of my all time favorites.-> “SUBLIMINAL CREATIVE GENIUS”

A “just listen” Audio/Video (subliminal)

I will accomplish great things..

I expand my field of vision.

I allow life force energy to circulate more freely.

My inspiration converts into creativity and I make beautiful things happen.

I am innovative, colorful, and creative and I easily create opportunities.

I increase and expand financial parameters.

I channel pure flow energy to think and act.

My consciousness and creativity is extending constantly.

My motives are in tune with existence.

I spark the living flame of passion within my heart.

My dreams turn into thoughts.

My thoughts turn into ideas.

My ideas turn into vision.

My vision turns into action.

I bring knowledge, skill and expertise to every creative endeavor.


☆This one is a trip –>>”Space Meditation – Calm Ambient Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Reiki and Spa”


“Discover Your Future You. Guided Meditation relaxation”


“Crown Chakra” 4 minute quick meditation


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