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No Fear Zone

Dissolving fear the easy way. NO FEAR ZONE.

What would your life be without the use of fear? The current fear based running virtual stimulation program uses our fears against us, paralyzing the mind heart connection via the brain, making people think and do things they would normally not do, thus keeping us powerless, hopeless in shackles and chains in a box.The only things that are real is your connection with source, love and nature.

My Life Gets Better and Better

Use regularly for maximum effectiveness.


Contains Low Alpha Beats

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering.”

In audible voice commands with text;

I concentrate on positive energy

I erase all inner and outer negativity from my mind

I concentrate on positive energy

I increase my light

I erase all negative emotions

I concentrate on friendliness

I live for the positive

I think with my heart

I am healthy and free from blocking programs and energies

-Dr. Virtual7

Can you imagine if this video could make your dreams come true?

  • This video works best while sitting down.
    Dont just listen out of curiosity. WAIT until you can make the time to actually listen.  Trust me.  IT IS REALLY WORTH IT!!
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