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No Fear Zone

No Fear Zone

Dissolving fear the easy way. NO FEAR ZONE.

What would your life be without the use of fear? The current fear based running virtual stimulation program uses our fears against us, paralyzing the mind heart connection via the brain, making people think and do things they would normally not do, thus keeping us powerless, hopeless in shackles and chains in a box.The only things that are real is your connection with source, love and nature.

 All else are thousands of virtual holographic simulation running programs that become self-fulfilled prophecies. Yes, we do know and hear of various agenda’s that are not in the best interest of humanity and giving our power away to them would mean peril, on the flip coin is to not attach our selves to it, feeding it with emotional over reaction and more fear, so that they keep sucking out our life force. Energy flows where the attention goes. now is the moment of power, man is what he thinks all day. dissolving fear is a good starting point on the quest for liberation. Energy recovered and energy renewed.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


*Letting go

*Releasing all fear and worry, stress and tension

*I am safe

*I am protected

*There is no person place or thing outside of myself that can harm me.

*I am a pillar of strength

*I have complete confidence and trust in the cosmos

*Everything turns out good for me

*No matter what goes on around me, I remain fearless

-Dr. Virtual


I love to learn and share information on how to live this life stress free and healthy by meditating. Also, please look at my Wellness, Travel and What's Trending products on my store @ egosilencerstore.com

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