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Are you your mind? – See No Evil

Are you your mind? – See No Evil

Have you ever wondered who you are? Are you the body you see in the mirror every day? Of course you’re not. Your body is constantly changing and you know as well as I do, it’s different now than it was ten or twenty years ago. According to some scientists, cells in our bodies are constantly replaced by new ones and most of them agree that every seven years we have a completely new body.  Not even one single cell is the same.  I remember when I was a teenager, my mom used to brag to my family and friends that I have beautiful hands and that I should be a hand model.  Sadly, that’s not the case now.  I have no idea who switched out my hands or even when the aging happened.

Most people feel that they are not their bodies. When my mom passed away, the emergency room doctor told us, “your mother has already left this earth.” So, what has left? Her body was still there. How did she leave this earth? As I saw her body on the table, I knew she wasn’t there anymore. I imagined her looking down at us and her body.  The person I saw laying on the table did not look like the sleeping woman in the recovery room after a surgery or procedure. The look was very different.

Are you your mind? You can observe your own mind, you can notice what you are thinking about right this minute. Right now, you are reading this article, but I know you are thinking about something else at the same time or you may catch yourself drifting if this article doesn’t get your full attention. We all do it. Does it happen often? If you can observe how your mind works, that must mean…you are not your mind, right?

But most of the time we don’t observe it, our minds constantly play different films in front of us, and it is not easy to stop them doing it. What if we could control those films that play in our mind?

Have you ever tried to control it? Try for five minutes to concentrate on something. Let’s say visualize a yellow triangle. Do not think about anything else. Just concentrate on the yellow triangle. Can you do it? Notice how many times you have thought about something else than the yellow triangle. It’s very difficult to control a mind, most of the time it usually controls us.

What do you mostly think about every day? If you are like most people you think about your past or your future. Our past reminiscences can be happy or sad, but past is the past. It’s gone. The future is unknown, but be careful what you think about now, because it will manifest into your future. So if we think about our problems, lack of money, difficult situations, our future will end up like this. If we think how we always manage to make ends meet, it will happen. We will just make ends meet.

What if you started to live now? What if you stopped thinking about your past and stopped worrying about your future. You could think that your life is happy now and that NOW you and your family have everything that you want and desire. Try it. Try to really visualize your perfect life. Don’t think about the future, think about “right now” and just be grateful for it. Visualize this, it will make you feel good. The most important thing about visualizing, is that you have just started making it really happen in the future.

Of course, you need to train your mind to do this every day. You need to learn the science of manifestation and practice. Great things don’t come easily. That’s why so many people don’t live the life of their dreams. They don’t control their lives, they live their lives automatically, but you can change it. You can be happy, healthy and wealthy. You just need to make some effort.

Many people insist that working hard is the key to getting what they desire. Those people do not understand the power of generating a magnetic charge in and around their body which sucks the things they desire towards themselves. This secret power can truly transform your life faster than any physical action.
Do you want to have powerful life changing transformation in your life? Sometimes the manifesting process can see a bit challenging. One minute you are told that all you ever need are 3 simple steps but even after applying those steps you may realize that something else is missing.


You have tried visualization, you have tried affirmations, you have tried vision boards, all with little results. The whole process makes you feel like the little engine that could. You huff and puff but all the while you are moving uphill with great effort instead of flowing like a river. This is because there is a powerful manifesting science that must be understood. That secret is the power of accumulated energy. Energy is power. It is the energy, emotion and intention that accelerate your ability to manifest.


The more good energy you have within you with your intentions the more power you generate. You can create a core magnetic charge that literally pulls your desires to you with very little effort. Rather than working or going out to get what you desire you can literally become magnetic to your desires and watch as your desires come to you.


This lack of understanding with the principles of manifesting causes many to get quite frustrated. They start of by trying to create a vision board, they do affirmations but somehow they know that something is missing and soon enough they fail to create the results at all. The secret is that they have not generated enough of a charge towards their desires. Those people who insist that manifesting requires hard work do not understand that the human body and mind can work like a magnet creating an energy of magnetic energy that sucks their desires towards them.

Magnetism backed by an increased power draws the right people, the right circumstances with little physical effort on your part.

From my upcoming book: SEE NO EVIL!


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7 thoughts on “Are you your mind? – See No Evil

bernard25Posted on  4:53 pm - Apr 20, 2016

Bonsoir mon Ami ou Amie
Je viens tout en douceur
Avec mon petit sourire
Et ma bonne humeur
Te souhaiter tout ce qu’il peux y avoir de meilleur dans ce monde
Passe une belle soirée
Une très belle fin semaine surtout avec du soleil
Je te fais un très grand signe d’amitié
Pleins de bisous pour embellir cette amitié qui règne entre nous depuis xxx temps


    BrendaPosted on  2:09 am - Apr 21, 2016

    salut ami. je l’espère , où vous vivez , vous êtes en sécurité et le temps est grand. merci de visiter mon blog et j’espère le traducteur i installé peut vous aider à lire mes histoires plus faciles . laissez-moi savoir si cela fonctionne . i placé le traducteur français pour vous. Passe une bonne semaine. il est fiesta ici où je vis pendant une semaine. sincèrement , brenda

    BrendaPosted on  2:11 am - Apr 21, 2016

    par le chemin , laissez-moi savoir lorsque vous installez le traducteur afin que je puisse lire votre blog plus facile . vous pouvez l’installer à partir de wordpress gratuitement .

natuurfreakPosted on  9:42 pm - Apr 17, 2016

Very beautiful

mihrankPosted on  7:07 am - Apr 17, 2016

deeply beautiful!

    BrendaPosted on  4:57 pm - Apr 17, 2016

    Thank you so much. I know I will be finding type-o’s & grammar issues and revising a few times, but the 1st post came out flowing from the heart. 🙂

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