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My Life Gets Better and Better

My Life Gets Better and Better

Use regularly for maximum effectiveness.


Contains Low Alpha Beats

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering.”

In audible voice commands with text;

I concentrate on positive energy

I erase all inner and outer negativity from my mind

I concentrate on positive energy

I increase my light

I erase all negative emotions

I concentrate on friendliness

I live for the positive

I think with my heart

I am healthy and free from blocking programs and energies

-Dr. Virtual7


I love to learn and share information on how to live this life stress free and healthy by meditating. Also, please look at my Wellness, Travel and What's Trending products on my store @ egosilencerstore.com

6 thoughts on “My Life Gets Better and Better

bernard25Posted on  8:50 pm - Apr 11, 2016

Bonsoir BRENDA
Je viens te chanter un air d’amitié
Celui-ci ,je l’ai écouté et je viens te le fredonner

Mon chant d’amitié
Celui sait transformé en une douce mélodie
Dans ses mots on pouvait entendre le refrain

Belle soirée à toi et ta famille

Une belle semaine
avec une bise de douceur

fauquetmichelPosted on  5:08 pm - Apr 10, 2016

Good meditation.

elementhealingPosted on  2:11 am - Apr 9, 2016

This is pretty cool

neelkanthPosted on  12:59 pm - Apr 8, 2016


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