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The line between inspiration and insanity

The line between inspiration and insanity

I stumbled upon this very interesting article after just watching a TV show.  I happened to be flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a kidnapping scene where the kidnapped prisoner tells the bad guy that, he was “INSANE.” The kidnapper said such an amazing quote, I felt that I had to google who the real author was.

The quote that took me to this article was “The difference between insanity and belief; lies only in the number of the believers.”

Wow, that sort of took my mind to the current primary elections. Get it?Groupies=believers? All kidding (but not kidding on that topic) aside, the “quote” took me to this controversial religious discussion.

By the way, I never found out who originated that quote. 🙂

Warning signs • How to distinguish the devout from the delusional.



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9 thoughts on “The line between inspiration and insanity

kantaflyPosted on  2:22 pm - Aug 2, 2016

The person who said that was Baron Reiter from the TV show Arrow. I love that quote too.

MarkPosted on  6:08 am - Apr 2, 2016

Fantastic website, love the style and flare, well done.

natuurfreakPosted on  11:55 pm - Mar 24, 2016

Great post

DevorePosted on  9:59 pm - Mar 24, 2016

I enjoyed this. As a writer prone to these symptoms, I’m inclined to believe this ‘line’ is a very fine one indeed.
Thank you, my dear.

    BrendaPosted on  11:15 pm - Mar 24, 2016

    Thank you so much for your reply. I really do appreciate when someone comments on something I write or share, that I feel is good for the soul. 🙂

laurelwolfelivesPosted on  12:44 pm - Mar 24, 2016

That IS a great quote! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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