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The Temptation of the Critical Voice. “Fear No Evil”

The Temptation of the Critical Voice. “Fear No Evil”

The Temptation of the Critical Voice

Each of us has an inner critic. There is no way to grow up in our society without having developed this inner critical voice which comes from parents, teachers, peers, the media, and from our own conclusions. It’s your ego.

The problem is that this inner critic sounds like a voice of authority, when in reality it doesn’t know what it is talking aboutDepression, Depressed, Forlorn.

It is a voice based on beliefs that have been handed down through generations, but that have no basis in fact.

How often has this voice said to you

“You can’t do it. You are inadequate.

“You are stupid and ugly.”

“If he (or she) rejects you, it is because you are not enough.”

“You had better do it right. If you don’t, everyone will know you are faking it.”

“It is NOT okay to make a mistake.”…and so on.

This inner-critic speaks with such authority that it actually believes what it says, yet it knows only lies. It has no idea who you really are.

Man, Boy, Face, View, Direction, GlassesWhen this voice is criticizing you, it is criticizing the “you” that it thinks you are, your ego wounded self. The critic, having come into being to help you survive and protect you from rejection long ago, decided that who you really are is not good enough. When you experienced judgment or rejection from the important people in your life, you likely concluded that you were being rejected because you weren’t good enough or lovable enough or worthy enough or smart enough or attractive enough…and so on. You may have had no idea when you were being judged or rejected, rather than loved and accepted, that it actually had nothing to do with you.

You cannot CAUSE another person to be judgmental or rejecting, or loving and accepting and that others’ behavior are not under your control.

If you believed that you were causing others to judge or reject you, you may have decided that who you really are is not good enough. So you started to judge and reject yourself as you attempted to create a “self” that would be loved and accepted. The inner critic, your ego wounded self is the self you created. You came to believe that if you judged yourself enough, you would make yourself into an acceptable person.

Souls, Universe, Women

The problem is that none of this is true. There never was anything wrong with your true Self, your essence, your soul. It was, and is, a perfect expression of the Source from which we are all a part.  When your wounded self is criticizing you, it is criticizing your looks, your intelligence, or your performance. But none of this is who you are.

Who you are, what is truly worthy, lovable and valuable about you is your ability to love. Not how you look, not how smart you are, not how much money you have or how big your house is. Your true Self is an individualized expression of God (or whatever you want to call our Source), and God is Love.

Man, Hat, An Eye, Critical, Male, Portrait

Next time you hear the bossy voice of your inner critic, instead of giving that voice credence , stop listening to that voice. Treat that voice with compassion, like a child who acts like it knows everything. Instead of acting on that voice, open instead to the voice of your true Self – the voice of Truth.

Do this simply by asking, with a deep desire to learn, “What is the truth?” Your Higher Self will answer you. This Self is the true voice of authority, even though it may be much softer and gentler than the loud voice of your inner critic.

Each time you hear the critical voice, ask your Higher Self “What is the truth?” If you take action based on the Truth rather than on the false beliefs of your inner critic, you will find yourself feeling so much better in so many ways!


From the *Fear of God Series”

(Fear No Evil)


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4 thoughts on “The Temptation of the Critical Voice. “Fear No Evil”

Gypsy BevPosted on  2:22 am - Mar 23, 2016

Believing in yourself is a difficult thing as we have been programmed throughout life by so many people. Maybe Louise Hay has something there when she says to look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself “I love you”. I’ve never tried it, but maybe it would help. Always feel like that little girl from the country that no one listens to.

    BrendaPosted on  2:37 am - Mar 23, 2016

    I really recommend. It is silly at first and you won’t feel anything in the beginning, but with consistency this is so powerful. I am a true believer. It has prolonged my life and made me appreciate life more. That’s what counts. Thank you for your comments. Please try for 2 weeks. Your little country girl inside is waiting for you to make her feel special. 🙂

MaitreyiPosted on  2:55 pm - Mar 22, 2016

This post is sooo powerful & I needed this desparately for myself… As i am a big critic of myself… This really helped. Thanks so much!!!!

    BrendaPosted on  4:07 pm - Mar 22, 2016

    I thank you tremendously. I really appreciate your comment. I try to relay all information that I feel helps everyone cope with life easier.

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