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The Law Of Attraction: What it is, and what it isn’t!

The Law Of Attraction: What it is, and what it isn’t!

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Myths debunked. Listen to the video

The law of attraction has received a great deal of media attention in recent
years thanks to the movie “The Secret” and the subsequent explosion of television
print media and internet coverage. Nearly everyone in Western society have heard
the phrase “the law of attraction.” A lot of people however have picked up
snippets and incomplete information here in there and don’t really have a solid
understanding of how the law works. This has led to widespread misunderstanding
of how the law of attraction really works or whether or not it even works at
A lot of people feel a deep resonant when they’re told that they create their
own reality. They recognize the truth in that idea, however they often quickly
become frustrated when they are exposed incomplete information and methods
they can’t seem to make it work……..

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8 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction: What it is, and what it isn’t!

michaelwatsonvtPosted on  1:04 pm - Mar 14, 2016

Yes, there is much confusion about the law of attraction. Makes for much suffering.
Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

bernard25Posted on  12:12 pm - Mar 9, 2016


Bon mercredi ainsi qu’à votre famille , amis (ies) ,proches
Bernard bises

natuurfreakPosted on  9:11 pm - Mar 8, 2016

Great article and very interesting post.

The Law Of Attraction | Mental Break – In ProgressPosted on  3:31 am - Mar 8, 2016

[…] Guzman, author of Ego-Silencer  busts the myths associated with the law of attraction and for me personally, opened my eyes to […]

mentalbreakinprogressPosted on  2:54 am - Mar 8, 2016

Love this! 🙂 I have never delved into the true meaning behind the law of attraction until now. I have always felt that it’s not so much what we say or do but the energy and intent behind it. I really like how you tied in Christianity and something that some people consider some kind of pseudo science,new age hippy stuff lol. In all seriousness I feel it’s so important to be open to spirituality in some way and although I do not actively participate in organized religion, I feel it is all interconnected in some way. Having faith in yourself, believing in yourself-how can we truly connect with a higher power/energy if we don’t believe in ourselves first? Like you say in your article: It’s not selfish to put yourself first. Caring for energy we put out there in the world, if we all did that we wouldn’t have a fraction of the issues the world has today. Thank you for a wonderful article! I must reblog 🙂

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