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This Post is Not for the Timid!

This Post is Not for the Timid!

This meditation music is very powerful. I do NOT recommend drinking any adult beverages prior to listening to this. If you have never tried to meditate, or if you feel you’re not doing it right…..YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

I Ga-ron-tee you will feel something. ENJOY!


I love to learn and share information on how to live this life stress free and healthy by meditating. Also, please look at my Wellness, Travel and What's Trending products on my store @ egosilencerstore.com

5 thoughts on “This Post is Not for the Timid!

BernadettePosted on  1:02 pm - Feb 2, 2016

This was fantastic. Thanks for posting.

davekingsburyPosted on  4:19 pm - Feb 1, 2016

Relaxing … zzzz … thanks!

bernard25Posted on  9:22 am - Feb 1, 2016

Ton amitié est importante pour moi
Je me sens moins seul
Tes petits messages chez moi
C’est comme la flamme d’un feu de bois
J’en éprouve de la joie
Avec ces petits mots
Je te souhaite une belle semaine à venir
Du bonheur dans ta demeure
Bises, Amitié, Bernard


    Blynng15Posted on  5:20 am - Feb 5, 2016

    Bonsoir. Merci pour vos mots gentils. Sentez-vous libre de commenter tout moment . Nous vous remercions de la petite image de l’ours avec des fleurs. Excusez mon français. Brenda

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