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“Expand Your Consciousness Awareness”

This one has it all. Beats, tones, subliminal, meditation.  Statements and affirmations in this audio are:

Infinity is not in a box nor was it meant to be put in a box.

Most people are stuck in the dream cube, a personal prison within the matrix prison based upon fear. (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real,) sucking the life force out of every soul.  What if the walls came down and you found yourself outside the cube and you became the dreamer again and moved onto different dream experiences filled with infinite realities and possibilities. This audio program  will bring down the walls of the 3 dimensional cube and your thinking so it is no longer limited.

Subliminal Messages:

I am Freedom.

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom in Growth.

Freedom to Be.

Freedom to Create.

Freedom to Do.

Freedom to Think.

Freedom to Choose.

I Choose to Always Remain Awake.

Love Rules My Powers.

I Expand My Field of Vision.

I Have an Open Mind.

I Can Think for Myself.

I Am Infinite.

It’s OK to Be Different.

I Am That I Am.

I Am a Being of Immense Power.

I Access Higher Spiritual Realms.

In Harmony.

In Happiness.

I Embody My Full Divine Presence.

I Maintain a Harmonious Inner Balance.

I Open My Mind to What is Known or Unknown.

I Allow the Richness of My Inner World to Sprout and Re Awaken in Alignment.

Dr. Virtual


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  1. SLOWPOKER December 30, 2015

    Very inspirational and positive thank you so much for sharing this post

  2. aruna3 December 29, 2015

    freedom is our one can iterfere in dis.yeah some of us r prisoner of thier phcycological surroundings n prejudices.some one make pride as defesive divice of thier Ego.v should keep away all dem for mentaly n spritualy silence.for dis we need to expand our consciousness.u told d method r wonderful bt yoga,gaytri mantra’s jaap,shanti path r most popular mediuem for expanding our consciousness awareness n also to join soul’s relation with God.

  3. laurelwolfelives December 29, 2015

    Absolutely wonderful!

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