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Drink responsibly this season

Drink responsibly this season




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16 thoughts on “Drink responsibly this season

PratyushaPosted on  11:21 am - Dec 27, 2015

True that 🙂
That’s a cute picture

BunKaryudoPosted on  6:32 am - Dec 27, 2015

It’s good advice.

TanjaPosted on  6:06 am - Dec 27, 2015

Agree! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

aruna3Posted on  11:39 am - Dec 26, 2015

drinking is coz exident.u r right dt drink is responsibilty to ruin a family.

jacquelineobyikochaPosted on  12:59 am - Dec 26, 2015

Yes indeed!

wwwpalfitnessPosted on  2:08 pm - Dec 25, 2015

LOL I am barely leaving my room. Most accidents should also indicate that the person was also texting, had music blasting and do blood tests. I know 5 ppl this year with DWIs that were texting, had a full car blasting music and they were high. But the driver in each case got a DWI. For some odd reason theres no other testing or looking into things.

    Blynng15Posted on  2:12 pm - Dec 25, 2015

    Hmm? Seems like the testing may be a little fishy. Not cool

      wwwpalfitnessPosted on  3:50 pm - Dec 25, 2015

      Well IMO when people get DWIs and I have seen them, similar to some arrests where someone is subdued and they say I can’t breathe, etc.. and the cops are brutal and the person dies, I have seen DWIs where someone says I have a prothesis I can’t pass the test and the whole it had to be a DWI which used to only be attributed to alcohol but also includes drugs if they are found in the car. But if ppl are high before getting in the car, blasting music and texting it is a strong possibility of an accident. My sister is an accident atty and I brought this up to her and she’s had phone records subpoenaed to show them being reckless and texting. There are laws against it and police normally target just DWIs. 10 years ago I moved on a 100 degree day, had 2 bedrooms and over 2 tons in weight and was pulled over. I was cramping viciously and told the officer all of that and they are supposed to have basic EMT training and be empathetic and not just assume. I had to say hey I am dehydrated and had my ex in the car and neither of us had a drop to drink and we were almost arrested because we looked horrible from the move and were hurting. Police assume way too much and bc of it there are tons of lawsuits even when a known criminal gets killed bc of lack of training. Even the tazing they did has gone down bc of lawsuits. You taze someone with a heart condition and they will die within minutes.

        Blynng15Posted on  5:11 pm - Dec 25, 2015

        I agree. I can’t imagine how it used to be years ago. I just try to imagine a peaceful and respectful process is coming out of this present injustice. ASAP please.

andy1076Posted on  2:05 pm - Dec 25, 2015

I knew it! knew there was a reason for all that prancing! 😛

laurelwolfelivesPosted on  1:51 pm - Dec 25, 2015

Agreed. Drive responsibly ALL year.

    Blynng15Posted on  2:03 pm - Dec 25, 2015

    Yes. All year. Somehow, some people that attend Christmas and/or New Yeat’s parties seem to think these holidays are once a year “yolo” exeptions. I know. 🙂

      laurelwolfelivesPosted on  2:13 pm - Dec 25, 2015

      For years, I was under the impression that Christmas, New Years’ and the Fourth of July were the worst holidays…until I started running EMS. The most deadly holiday is Thanksgiving. I have always advocated not drinking and driving…and like I said….not just during the holidays.
      Hope you are having a wonderful one!

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