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Do you know this is happening? How heartless can NYBC be? #NYBCdotherightthing

Please share. I wish I could help somehow.

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    • Blynng15 December 22, 2015

      Not to wish ill will on anyone, but I am sure Karma has came around a few times for these decision makers, somehow. Money does not keep karma away.

      • laurelwolfelives December 22, 2015

        I truly wish I believed in Karma but too many people get away with too many things. Gods’ innocent creatures should never be brutalized. It’s just heart-breaking.

        • Blynng15 December 22, 2015

          True, laurelwolfelives. Some bad people do get away with bad things un-punished.
          For a lack of a better word, Karma to me whether it’s true or not, is better than saying “God will punish them.” I don’t like saying that and “what comes around, goes around” sounds too minor for something like this to happen “un-punished.”

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