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For my fellow cancer survivors. We know this.♡

For my fellow cancer survivors. We know this.♡




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0 thoughts on “For my fellow cancer survivors. We know this.♡

Swetha MPosted on  7:14 am - Dec 18, 2015

Hi! 🙂
You have been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award

wwwpalfitnessPosted on  11:16 pm - Dec 17, 2015

Well quite sadly my long process is very. For some reason our convo was somewhat lost in the WP notifications. When I said I hated something about 5 plus back it was talking about the cap locks going on. I am often in too much pain NOW to type. The two weeks ago could not have beed predicted, someone assuming the same. Me, however, looking daily for work, clients and when I can is what I do. I have not even been able to get holiday stocking at night help. At gyms I am overqualified as they pay min wage and make you do 6 months at several for little pay.I did somehow fall out last we spoke. I am just glad I was lying down. I have had several times, besides my training, that I have gone to get up and my leg goes out beneath me. Recently and all my tests are. Me wrapping my hand in a way that is hard to explain seemed to help a bit but that is one thing. I go through withdrawal if I do not take meds and I do not want to take most. 2 weeks ago was embarrassing and my sister brings it up. So, I focus on my writing, some time soon I will self publish and I enjoy blogging and meeting people, especially like you. I have a little bit of space and do my workouts as they barely bother me. But if my back my legs do. So I keep myself fit:) Hope I inspire and have others and always look to move forward. My work options are few and local. I do not drive, which hurts me and I have actually applied to 30 local stores in the last month. It is not like I am that old. The gyms know I have too much experience so I write my work ads, maintain my training site and write for other work and look so daily. So I am pretty active. Though I have been in a bit of a daze since the incident 2 weeks ago and am going to the neuro monday. I also have the fractured tibias and that I have to re schedule due to the time sadly. Too far and I have to be home a certain time. The discs supposedly cause the neuropathy and missing a dose, which tires me, causes me to fall out. Fortunately I am normally in bed as I have a small room. I write and train and that is pretty much what my doctors advise although the knee issue they say not to ride which I have to and I do not hurt riding. Unless I do a lot. A whole lot so I manage. Anything else will just take time and eventually I will get there.:)

    Blynng15Posted on  5:33 am - Dec 18, 2015

    I know you were talking about the cap locks. One of my pet peeves is avoiding negative adjectives. You have to look at your condition as a phase that you know you will get over so you can get some quality life. I know it’s a challenge. I have a car that needs some “major” mechanical work that is time sensitive. Every time I drive, I tell her how much I appreciate that she is hanging on for me until after the Holiday and other major “must do” spending this month to get her running like new again. It’s amazing how this works. You have to read that book I’m doing now. I month, tops. I will give it to you.

      wwwpalfitnessPosted on  10:39 am - Dec 18, 2015

      I have to get started on my books as well. My room is odd to say the least, which hinders me. I keep dozing for the past IDK how many days it is. I keep making typing errors. I have to go up the block. I have a few posts to write as well and do at least something from my workout challenge I will post in about 40 minutes.I am figuring the adrenaline might help if it does not I am not doing much and doing it in my hallway. I will be on the floor so I can’t fall:) I am not complaining but I typically wake up to a good 180WP emails, which takes a while to address and it increases.. I also just had something bad just happen. If I let bad things keep me from doing anything I would just literally do nothing. I will tell what I had happen when I get back and hopefully get my posts in pretty quick as I have 4 ideas plus my challenge which should take 15-20 minutes plus a couple of sets as I am changing it up again.

        Blynng15Posted on  10:49 am - Dec 18, 2015

        Great energy. I’m proud of your determination. Take it slow and take care.

          wwwpalfitnessPosted on  3:58 pm - Dec 18, 2015

          I accidentally tried to reply to this before I headed out and say what actually happened before doing anything. I literally took two steps, my back, leg and knee give out and I went down flat thankfully. But I was completely careful to ensure I had no issues and went offline to make sure. But I did need to go out and did my workout and it was OK. So I am glad for that and I got some posts in. Now I am catching up.:)

            Blynng15Posted on  4:44 pm - Dec 18, 2015

            Good News at the end!!! Awesome. It’s getting better. Keep it up.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  4:47 pm - Dec 18, 2015

              I wrote a few good posts. I did less writing and more of using music and some words to get a point across. I might try another acrostic, I would love another double one but they are so hard to line up and make sense.

              Blynng15Posted on  4:57 pm - Dec 18, 2015

              Focus on how good that made you feel. 🙂

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  6:34 pm - Dec 18, 2015

              If you haven’t seen them I did write a good lasst ten posts. They got great responses. I hope you got a chance to check them. I just spent 90 minutes scrolling through a section to add 2 new categories. So I will have n acrostic and haiku section. But I have a lot of scrolling but it will be worth it especially as I hope to publish a couple of books. I keep getting pushed off your comments in notifications:) I keep getting likes.

              Blynng15Posted on  7:34 pm - Dec 18, 2015

              You are doing great. What a difference. I did a mini run a few minutes ago and I feel refreshed. Thank God I took the 2 biggest dogs with me, they made me feel safe.
              I was getting a little creeped out vibes. Was an unusual amount of people out and about. Let’s see who can finish their book faster. Don’t give up.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:30 pm - Dec 18, 2015

              I got them separated but I had to scroll through 368 poem posts and I had to miss some as between the haikus and the acrostics I have maybe 70 ish. But I do a lot of free range and symmetry and my words or a number posts and sometimes just talk. Perhaps I got them all I had one in September and then none for a month.

Blynng15Posted on  8:38 pm - Dec 17, 2015

You will clear out. It’s a long process. It does take time.

Blynng15Posted on  7:52 pm - Dec 17, 2015

I meant to say….try not to focus on your past heartaches and live today. I don’t like to bring up stuff that made me sad, mad or ill. That’s my thing.

thelonelyauthorblogPosted on  2:52 pm - Dec 17, 2015

Love this quote. Thanks for sharing

wwwpalfitnessPosted on  2:01 pm - Dec 17, 2015

Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

wwwpalfitnessPosted on  2:00 pm - Dec 17, 2015

At 19 I was given added to my overall pain Hodgkins as an athlete yet I have an ass for a sister that thinks I am dressing things up because I look better than I feel.

    Blynng15Posted on  3:28 pm - Dec 17, 2015

    When I was at the worst of my illness to the point of me not wanting to exist, I remember looking into the mirror and seeing a hag looking back at me. I immediately told myself..”Do not look like the way you feel. Do not look like the way you feel.” I said it over and over again, until I got the energy to get myself a makeover that day and it worked. I still was sick for a while, but I felt so much better about myself. That’s important.

      wwwpalfitnessPosted on  4:43 pm - Dec 17, 2015

      I sadly do not look that bad yet I am judged which I have no control over, even if those judging are lying regarding anything.

        Blynng15Posted on  6:35 pm - Dec 17, 2015

        Don’t worry about what people think of you. It’s their reality. Not yours. Live your life, not theirs.

          wwwpalfitnessPosted on  6:42 pm - Dec 17, 2015

          Well unfortunately I live with my sister and she is an atty with a middle sibling issue, keeps bringing up things she causes and says they are my fault. So when I get a ride home from not feeling well she jumps to conclusions. She thinks she is always right and even past she knows nothing about she assumes. She says I do and say enlighten me and tell me your side, like an adult. Her side nope.

            Blynng15Posted on  6:45 pm - Dec 17, 2015

            Trust me, once you get your own place (regardless of your situation)…..you all will be in peace. I could go on and on, but that’s the bottom line.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  6:49 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Right now my work options and savings are an issue. I have a few things hurting me. Actually a lot of them.But I agree with you.

              Blynng15Posted on  6:57 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              You gotta want it to get it. As a matter of fact, I’m working on a book about that. I will send it to you when it’s done. I am looking at January’s end. I will keep you posted. It’s called “See No Evil.” It’s not a long, drawn out preachy book, it’s a “how to” kind of book with a little of preachy fun facts.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  6:58 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Sounds good

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  7:01 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Having Hodgkins early, plus ortho issues and my mom having Leukemia and dying and pretty much all family is gone has not helped. But I try to improve and I thank you.

              Blynng15Posted on  7:38 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I’m sorry to hear that you are going through that. All I can say is, enjoy your mom as much as you can while she is alive now. I don’t have my parents, grandparents, any aunts or uncles and 1 brother any more. They all have passed away. We all have struggles, but we have to live to live. Stay focused on your career, your doing great.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  7:44 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              My mom lived with it 16 years and was the third alive as long with the worst type but she declined very quickly her last year. My career has hurt too as I was in a near fatal hit n run and it cost me my car as the cop while seeing it had another car’s paint on my driver’s side he wrote it up as a oone car accident. That kepy my ins from paying out and caused a 300% raise when I had nothing in my career prior. My career suffered even before that with obligations and since it has been hard to do things locally as gyms pay less now than they did 25 years ago. So i do what I can.

              Blynng15Posted on  7:50 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Just try, try not to focus on the past

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  7:59 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I do yet it is very difficult as I am behind the 8 ball

              Blynng15Posted on  8:03 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I strongly suggest you meditate. I know it’s difficult, but that’s the key. Checkout my meditation shares. I don’t share for nothing. If it helps me, it can help anyone.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:07 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I have. I also have hypnosis tapes. I stretch more than any 5 ppl I know. 🙂 Right now on top of things I have carpal neuropathy that can be cured by surgery, splints failed, stretches or pain meds. Today I am going wo pain meds as I wrapped them for a good while earlier and they go from tingling to pain and 2 weeks ago I literally passed out in a movie from lack of pain meds and withdrawal.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:12 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              You are really making it hard to try to cheer you up, ya know? The next reply should be a happy one. Try. Ok? 🙂

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:15 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Well I am trying to watch a movie and you are very nice:)

              Blynng15Posted on  8:17 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I know there is more good stuff. Find it.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:23 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Well finding it is me working out to make sure I do not lose what I have and I try to inspire others. I hAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT AND CAN HELP ALMOST ANYBODY. MY PT CAN’T HELP ME.I hate it when caps go on. 2 weeks ago came from nowhere. It was unexpected and I have no idea what caused it. Backing off meds has me a tiny bit clearer but the hands and shaking is worse. Though until yesterday I was sweating bullets in cold weather. Which surprised me. I had my sister say 2 weeks ago I was drunk and that caused me to pass out which I had nothing except popcorn. I am getting to my 4th specialist next week. The passing out made no sense even to my pcp.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:35 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I really liked your first and 2nd sentence. Then you said “hate” right after that. If you are feeling good now, that’s all that matters NOW. I have to go now, dinner is ready. If you stop the worry or dwelling on what people say to or about you, that may eliminate 1/2 of your problems and that may even help your health. Try to have a good night friend. 🙂

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:16 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              But again you are a very nice person:)

              Blynng15Posted on  8:19 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Thanks. Just cheer up. Ok?

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  7:45 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              oddly my grands and all but an aunt and uncle neither my sister or I talk to are all that we have left as well.

              Blynng15Posted on  7:59 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              You have more than most. I hope everything changes for the good for you. It’s the holidays. Not a good time to reflect on the negative issues. Anticipate the blessings coming into your life in 2016. You will see. Be excited.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:03 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I try not to but was literally almost kicked out a week ago because my sister sometimes cleans poorly or throws things out like tupperware and then I am dumpster diving and or she puts things away I am soaking and worse. Things she cleans but blames me for. So I do what I can here.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:06 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I’m sorry to say, but still sounds minor and still sounds like it’s time to move or just give you all some space somehow.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:10 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              I have 14 slipped discs and torn shoulders plus two fractured knees from osgood schlatter’s disease, meaning I have space between. I also had cancer when 19 so I grew up with pain and add 30 years. The neuropathy makes me shaky and I can’t use my hands well and pills make me sleepy.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:14 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Forget the “had” diagnosis. I have some “hads” I don’t like to mention. Not healthy. Take care of the now’s friend.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:16 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Oh the nows are 14 discs, a neuropathy and I passed out 2 weeks ago

              Blynng15Posted on  8:18 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              2 weeks ago is in the past. You see? The list got shorter. It’s working.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:08 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              One last thing….if you live in someone’s home, the owner of the house should have the last word in a “discussion,” regardless who is wrong.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:14 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              OH we rent and my sister couldn’t deal with the landlord and had me talk to her and she blamed me for a call I recorded. I cover my bases well but doing so makes me wrong somehow. Like if I respond to texts and respond I am wrong. It is really hard.I lost two warrantees and had checks coming in and had apple send me emails that my sis say they were frauds. The rep called and she said oh I bet you harassed her bc apple does not do that. it’s a sibling rivalry I can’t win.

              Blynng15Posted on  8:17 pm - Dec 17, 2015

              Yup. Especially if it’s not your own place. I know.

              wwwpalfitnessPosted on  8:17 pm - Dec 17, 2015


Somali K ChakrabartiPosted on  11:39 am - Dec 17, 2015

A beautiful message.

aruna3Posted on  11:38 am - Dec 17, 2015

how u have a sympatic n emotional nature far from d human’s ego.as u r beautiful i hope dt u will want whole human being to make happy healthy n beautifuĺ.weĺcome.

Dipyaman RoyPosted on  9:58 am - Dec 17, 2015

Love the quote 🙂
and thanks a lot for the follow!

JenPosted on  9:45 am - Dec 17, 2015

Amen! Beautifully said!

BushkaPosted on  7:56 am - Dec 17, 2015

Super quote…. 🙂

Swetha MPosted on  4:38 am - Dec 17, 2015

A beautiful way to look at such a painful event 🙂

AkhilaPosted on  12:53 am - Dec 17, 2015

Absolutely a wise quote

Milanka’s Fine FoodPosted on  10:29 pm - Dec 16, 2015

How true! Love the quote in this post. 🙂

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