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Beats and tones sound great together on this 1 hour “TAI CHI MUSIC”



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  1. maryannniemczura February 16, 2016

    The power of music is not to be underestimated. Beautiful and meditative.

    • Brenda February 16, 2016 — Post Author

      Remember the bugs bunny cartoons? BB calms the savage beasts. I remembered that quote since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing Maryanniemczura 🙂

  2. wwwpalfitness November 21, 2015

    Where are you? You are missed. You have a voice well heard. I hope you are OK

    • Blynng15 November 21, 2015

      As a matter of fact, I am trying to edit my books myself. My editor is sick and I have a lot of books to finish. Thanks for asking. I also found this beautiful audio/video that has beats, tones, chants and subliminal affirmations last night. BONUS!! I want to post, but I do want to add what the “affirmation” consist of. One is regarding terrorism fear. I will try to upload by tonight. I haven’t checked anyone’s blogs to like/comment, I’ve been busy. Check my website, I have some titles loaded. I can’t wait to publish. Coming soon. ? ?

      • wwwpalfitness November 21, 2015

        OKI will take alook. I do not have an editor as I plan to self publish a few things. I branch out in many areas. I can be crying in a moment and change my subject. But I will check your content.

        • wwwpalfitness November 21, 2015

          Looking through 5 just your links are good. My finding with videos is that they tend to fall off even though you can find the same one again on youtube. But the 5 I checked were OK. I have a few oldies that do not work yet I repost with the same link and it does. Some online sources do not keep the link live as I have been told and you have to basically list the link under and say if it is not working please refresh or reload and give the same link.

    • wwwpalfitness November 21, 2015

      I need some help checking out your content. Just tell me which ones you are looking to publish. I know I have to edit mine as well.

  3. wwwpalfitness November 18, 2015

    I was nominated for my second one of these in less than a week. So I nominated you for it as well and you can just have fun with it.

    • Blynng15 November 20, 2015

      As much as I appreciate you including me on this email, I just started blogging in August and not prepared for this yet. I still have to get my feet wet. Do I need to do this in a timely manner?

      • wwwpalfitness November 20, 2015

        You can do it as you please. It is much easier than awards posts. You are such a great person I think you would raise the bar. I did a great one a week ago. When you are able feel free. I started in May but took off in August, so I understand. I like pointing people to others and realize greatness, like you. Take your time:)

  4. dragonscaleclippings November 18, 2015

    wow! this is brilliant!

  5. wwwpalfitness November 17, 2015

    I like this. It is very similar to the one Iistened to on my iphone then I upgraded and it didnt work with the new iphone 6. It was a 3 hour loop. I always had to keep it low. I used it to calm down if I was anxious, ease up adrenaline and even played from the selection for a 3 hour. Though it was great to being relaxed it still gave me a little issue with my second sleep pattern.

    • Blynng15 November 17, 2015

      I’m glad you like it. If I manage to stay awake while I listen, it’s a great day. 🙂

      • wwwpalfitness November 17, 2015

        If I stayed awake after being sore all over and getting up at 330Am for a 90 min commute and at least a 12 hour shift, I would probably pass out:)I am feeling sleepy early as I ate right before.

        • Blynng15 November 18, 2015

          When I used to feel like that…an old fashioned calgon hot bath was best for me.

          • wwwpalfitness November 18, 2015

            I did that too. I am sadly well versed in methods. I also drank chamomile tea, green and black tea. I have done sleep studies and I would have doctors scratching their heads with both sleep and stress tests when I was in elite shape but have tachycardia and other things. So I try all I can. I just have to try more than others to attain some of the seemingly simple things.

            • Blynng15 November 18, 2015

              We’re you always like that? As a kid

              • wwwpalfitness November 18, 2015

                Sleep issues, always. But at first it was because I would start mapping out my day and thinking too much. Pain from around 7th grade

              • Blynng15 November 19, 2015

                The great thing is, you didn’t give up. Wow, what an accomplishment. Some would just give up.

              • wwwpalfitness November 19, 2015

                Thank you. I tried to also help the others, especially my group from getting yelled at. I was silently in charge, then treated like a leper by a few people.

              • Blynng15 November 20, 2015

                That is their negative reality and ignorance. I know it’s hurtful, but that’s how they were raised. Hopefully their children and so on will be “educated” so our grandkids and so on won’t be subjected to that. Patience.

              • wwwpalfitness November 20, 2015

                Yea I know. What hurts is that I have taken people like them, made them better people and got them college scholarships and/or protected them at work. I will not let someone feel beneath me even if I am supposed to be above them. That makes resentment and I wish to be the easily approachable guy. Even though I look intimidating to some. I look forward to helping even those that threw me under the bus better.

        • Blynng15 November 18, 2015

          Yeah, I think melatonin wouldn’t work too well with all that going on.

  6. Rita November 17, 2015

    I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing it.

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