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From sad to happy in 20 seconds. “Crying Cow – now saved!”

From sad to happy in 20 seconds. “Crying Cow – now saved!”



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0 thoughts on “From sad to happy in 20 seconds. “Crying Cow – now saved!”

sagarhota92Posted on  12:52 am - Nov 21, 2015

Appetite is turning us into killer unknowingly…. Its an eye opener… #Blynng15

sharmishtha basuPosted on  1:01 am - Nov 20, 2015


chrisb-jwordsandimagesPosted on  12:02 pm - Nov 19, 2015

I do love a happy ending like that. Bless. x

RMWPosted on  9:44 am - Nov 19, 2015

Sweet video… happy I don’t eat four-legged animals anymore! But that’s just my personal preference and not for everybody!

luckyjc007Posted on  10:28 pm - Nov 17, 2015

Really awesome! Happy for her. 🙂

cmblackwoodPosted on  12:57 pm - Nov 17, 2015

Aw, nuts. I shouldn’t have watched that. I used to be a vegetarian; but I’ve been eating meat for the past couple of years. Now it’s going to be really hard to eat a hamburger, though. I’m glad I’ve got leftover vegetarian bean-chili for dinner 🙂

elementhealingPosted on  12:04 am - Nov 17, 2015


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