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This is the “all in one” meditation. “All 7 Chakras Healing Meditation Music”


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  1. Carl D'Agostino October 24, 2015

    Soothing and comforting. I was never any good at meditation but I will bookmark the post to listen to the music some more.

  2. smt222 October 23, 2015

    But silencing the ego will work

  3. smt222 October 23, 2015

    I think there are no chakras in the body

    • Blynng15 October 24, 2015

      Do you believe in the possibility of having negative energy in the body?

      • smt222 October 24, 2015

        Positive and negative

        • Blynng15 October 24, 2015

          I personally think (just like religion) however we get to feel that “peace”, is how we should follow and live. I love to meditate and doing that with the Chakras works best for me. Besides the breathing, that focusing on my endocrine system (the chakras) to clear out the negativity and “live in the moment” is how i learned to meditate. I commend all the people out there that can just sit quietly and meditate without any stimulis.

          • smt222 October 24, 2015

            What I say is. There are blocks in the body that should be cleaned up through meditation. People get confused if we talk about chakras. Meditation means concentration on normal simple breath and sitting comfortably. You are working for the good of people. Good job.

            • Blynng15 October 24, 2015

              I agree totally. It’s the same goal. 🙂

              • smt222 October 24, 2015

                I had a head injury. But I support mediation is the only process of enlightenment. One should read spiritual books also to live a spiritually healthy life. One must understand the politics and should be untouched to those politics.

              • Blynng15 October 24, 2015

                I know how trying to mentally, physically & emotionally heal yourself out of pain is challenging. Meditating is a blessing for that. I’m happy it’s worked for you. I can see why you are so passionate. Me too.

              • smt222 October 24, 2015

                Like the budha

              • Blynng15 October 24, 2015

                I’m learning daily and open to easier ways.

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