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Are there any meditation secrets out there?

Are there any meditation secrets out there?

Are there really any meditation secrets out there?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

At this point in my journey, I personally can’t say there is one yet, but I will find it. I do know I have had some great meditating times that I have actually reached that quietness. The challenge is to get to that zone everytime I meditate, so I am constantly researching and trying to learn something new.   I do know, however, there are a lot of ways to meditate.  You just have to know how to recognize it. The only way I can personally describe it is, “that stillness you feel when you are floating on your back in a quiet pool, you stop thinking, and just let it go.”  I can even go so far as to say, meditation is that “quiet” feeling of being “alone” but still “safe” as you snorkel in a tropical location with lots of tropical fish all around you.  Just so peaceful, and the finale’ of your upward feelings of positive emotions during your meditation is that “gratitude” feeling. If you can hold on to that “gratitude” and dwell in it for awhile, YOU’RE THERE. You’re in that meditation zone.  That is the best way I can describe it.   Other ways are; when you’re doing a nice run or hike to your destination easily and without pain,  quietly laying outside in the sunshine for a few minutes, swimming  laps, fishing quietly, shooting hoops, batting up, or playing an instrument….? There are many others, i could go on and on. If you can do any one of these determined, focused activities, you can meditate. Focusing with determination, silences the ego and will help you with your meditation easily. Once this meditation is mastered the magic starts to happen.  You notice small miracles starting to pile up. The best way to start to notice them,  is to write them down. Keep a journal or record them on your phone and review it at the end of the week.  You will notice a pattern, so be mindful and be grateful every time this happens, and many more will come into your life.  Have faith & patience.   I am not a financially abundant expert yet, but I do know how It would feel like.  It would feel like  “gratitude  & peace,” so if I reach and keep that feeling now, that’s  a start. 🙂 ♡

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