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How can you tell who you are? Who should you pay attention to?

How can you tell who you are? Who should you pay attention to?

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Deep within you lies a “voice” your own voice, which has been created based on your past experiences, even the experiences you think you have forgotten about, or you don’t think about on a daily basis are buried deep within you. 

This inner voice that constantly speaks within you will be repeating those original events and messages to you daily and your future will be created from them. So if the events were negative then many of your inner messages will be. THAT’S YOUR EGO.

If you have low self-esteem, your inner voice (ego) will be your own worst enemy or your notorious critic who constantly belittles your efforts, punishing your mistakes and criticizing you. This makes everything a challenge, impossible or unattainable. How does the ego know this? Does it have a sixth sense and can predict the future?

Think about this. Do you ever find yourself kicking “yourself” for something that “you’ve” done?  Ok, who is “you?”  Have you ever found yourself struggling with something that “you’ know “you” should do but keep talking yourself out of?  That’s your inner voice. The question is.  Which one? Is this your “higher self” or your “ego?”  Do you think “you” can tell the difference?  That’s the secret.

If you are struggling with doing what you really want to do in your life, but you know in your heart that it’s a big step.  Check out what your inner voice is saying to you. If that inner voice is giving you fear, that is your ego.  Maybe it’s letting you know that there is no way you can achieve something.  Or Maybe it’s telling you not to take the risk because you will fail?   Sound familiar? Failure is the outcome of fear.  Fear is the genesis of failure. It’s a cycle.  

The best way to silence the ego is to remember the things you have accomplished, no matter how small, almost as a counter argument.  You can tell your scaredy-cat ego…..”Yes, but remember the time when…….?”  Your ego’s ego will be so shattered, it will step aside to let “you, yourself” make your own decision.  Passion comes from within.  Passion your higher self.  Passion is the enemy of fear. Fear has no power when passion is around.

Now, the best way to recognize the ego is to recognize what it is saying and why. Counteract whatever it tells you that is negative with a positive statement or promise.  It’s like ying and yang.  Fear is the enemy of passion.  Like love and hate and happy and sad.

Using positive statements and self-talk will support you in improving your self-esteem, and when used consistently, and repeated often you will train your unconscious mind to change what you believe about yourself.

Give yourself time to really immerse yourself in positive statements and to make them a natural part of your life.  This is a journey, not a quick fix and you will need the patience to keep affirming yourself when your inner voice decides to do otherwise. 

From my book, “Know your false Gods.”



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cookiemonster1973Posted on  2:04 pm - Oct 24, 2015

An enjoyable and interesting read thank you

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