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Am I Crazy? •☆•

Am I Crazy? •☆•


To me, cognitive dissonance is about the struggles I have with religion in my culture and heritage. Do I have to follow the status quo? If I don’t, am I destined for eternal damnation? This book does not bash any religion, the only thing this book will do, is make you think.

The quotes in this book are facts. I found all this research compiling,and putting it all togethet in a book to be very interesting.

I was surprised there was so much factual information out there, so why is everyone still in denial? •☆•


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MayaPosted on  1:24 pm - Aug 4, 2015

This will probably be a very interesting book seeing as the subject talks about religion and the general idea around it. Will you make it available here on your blog, Brenda?

    Blynng15Posted on  2:24 pm - Aug 4, 2015

    Thank you Maya. The book will be available by next week, but I will blog some of the chapters in a couple of days. Yes, this book to took a bit of faith away from me, but the faith I lost came back in a different, new and approved way. Thank you •☆•

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